Sunday, May 24, 2015

Heron Rookery, on the Fox River, in Montgomery

This one was ready to launch.

There is a small rookery on the west side of the Fox River.  I love to visit and watch the Heron's
They now have young.  Birds grow so quickly.  Each of these nests have at least 2 young in them.
The parents are attentive.

You can see the century of this one.

Some of the young are checking out the world around them.

Almost every nest has a parent and chicks in it.

The nests are visible from the East side of the river, and the bridge of route 31 that crosses it.

It is amazing to watch.
The adult is ready to launch.
You can see some of the young on the right.

At least once a week I go by the rookery to see what is happening.  I have been observing them since nesting started in late winter. All of these adult birds are in their breeding plumage.
This rookery has been here for several years.  The nests are reused each year.
Always interesting to see.


Julie G. said...

It is always fun to watch the adult Great Blue Herons raise their young. They certainly do grow up quickly! Wonderful photographs of the goings on at the rookery!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I don't think I ever visited this one of your blogs before. I'm glad to find it. I love birds and you certainly have some great pictures here. We are seeing quite a few Bald Eagles near the St. Joe River but I have yet to find a place to get a picture. It's such a thrill to see them..and surprising too.
xx, Carol

Mary said...

Terrific shots! It is so neat to see these huge birds in their nests and with their young. We used to have a heron rookery here along the Ohio River and then one year the herons didn't come back. I guess they moved somewhere else. Sure wish I knew where. I loved watching them.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a special scene to be able to enjoy. It's like a nature documentary.

Naim Islam said...

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