Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Prescott Mills

There is a subdivision not far from where I live that has a pretty big pond.  Several birds check it out on a regular basis.
Yesterday I needed a little down time and decided to see what was there.
I love to watch the Pied-billed Grebe.  They have the softest call that is interesting to hear. 

There were at least 5 Great Egrets in various places around the pond.

One of the places I walked I saw American Coot. As I continued walking the suddenly took flight.  They did not go far though.  They hop on the water before actually taking flight.  

Somehow I manage to get the Blue-winged Teal with their heads in the water.
The pattern of their feathers is so pretty.

I felt like every Canadian Goose in the United States was here.  The park area was covered with them.  Watching them coming in for a landing is so interesting.

Greater-yellow legs

Killdeer were present around the edges of the pond.

Two American Finches were talking up a storm with each other.

This one was enjoying the sun.

House Sparrows are flocking up.

This one tree was full of sparrows.

Better picture of the Blue-winged Teal.

Great Blue Heron seemed to be hiding from the other birds.
There were lots of Mallards along the shore area.

A closer look at the Heron, you could see Mallards resting in the background.
Have a wonderful Fall day.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Black-Necked Stilt and Black-Crowned Night-Heron

When I first noticed this little bird from the car, I thought it was a sandpiper of some sort.  What a surprise to find out it was a baby Black-necked Stilt.  It was walking along a little strip of land and water.

This is probably one of its parents, as it was standing nearby.

There is a whole other season now from when we were on Maui in November.  I have already seen several birds, that I had not seen then.  Migration happens here too.

It seems I had to come all the way to Maui to see my first Black-crowned Night-Heron.  At the one pond, Kealia Pond, there were at least 12 to 15.  All we could see were their heads pop up.  They were as tall as the plant life that is in the pond.  This one was at a different location, and was kind enough to pose for me.

Another of the Black-Necked Stilt.  They are interesting birds.  Their call is quite shrill. They are about 16 inches.
They build their nests on marshy areas, mudflats. They nest in loose colonies close to water.  The nest is a shallow depression lined with stones, twigs and other debris.  The average clutch is 4 eggs.  Young leave the nest and feed with the adults soon after hatching.  Adults defend their territories and like killdeer, feign injury to distract potential predators from their nest site and young.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Another new bird for me.

In that puddle at the front of our subdivision I came across a Spotted Sandpiper.  Actually there were 2 of them.  Another first for me.

They were pretty nice to pose for me.

Over by the hospital, I saw my first egrets of the spring.

By the hospital there were more Spotted Sandpipers.  

Over in Oakhurst Forest Preserve there were cormorants,

The Canadian geese are still nesting.  It will not be long before they will have hatching eggs.
There are several nests of mute swans over at Alden Gardens, where my Dad used to live.  They may be having young by the middle of the month.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Sad news

Saturday morning, May 3 at 9:58 I was on my way to do errands. The owl nest we had discovered is in plain view, so we check it as we go by.  You can see it in the top of the middle tree.

As I got closer I could see the Mother owl on the side of the nest.

You can see her, if you look close.
No need to worry about me using a cell phone on the road while driving, just a camera!

I decided to circle around and check on the nest. At 10:13 am I arrived by it to see Mom owl in the trees now.

You have to look carefully, but she is in there.

Better angle.

The nest looks a bit strange.

On my way back home I decided to take a look, because I thought it was strange for her to be so low in the trees.

Unfortunately, I was right.  by l:26 when these last pictures were taken, she is gone, and the nest does not look good.

We had had 15 mile hour winds this morning, and I think the weight of her and the nest was too much. What I had been witnessing was the beginning of the end. 

The nest came down. When I looked around there were lots of branches and pieces of bark on the ground. If you enlarge the picture you may be able to see the debris.

Unfortunately, there was at least one baby in the nest.  There had been 2 small rabbits on the ground as well.  I think the weight became too much.  The nest had not been too big when we first noticed it. In the information I read, it is said that the great-horned owl will take over a nest from a previous owner.
It was so interesting to be able to watch the owl.  I did not see her in the area at all.
 Maybe we will get to witness this next year.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yellow-rumped Warbler, found on the Fox River, by Violet Park.

Update on the Herons.  Only one was actually on a nest, that was visible.

You have to look hard to see the herons sitting in the nests.

Watching her nest.

This heron is in breeding plumage and sitting in the Fox River, by route 30.

Another one, a little further south on the Fox.

Finally stopped his preening. He is all handsome.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Backyard visitors

Unsure gulls


Chipping Sparrow

We seem to have a lot of bunnies in our back yard.

Female red-winged blackbird.

white-crowned sparrow

White Throat sparrow