Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Prescott Mills

There is a subdivision not far from where I live that has a pretty big pond.  Several birds check it out on a regular basis.
Yesterday I needed a little down time and decided to see what was there.
I love to watch the Pied-billed Grebe.  They have the softest call that is interesting to hear. 

There were at least 5 Great Egrets in various places around the pond.

One of the places I walked I saw American Coot. As I continued walking the suddenly took flight.  They did not go far though.  They hop on the water before actually taking flight.  

Somehow I manage to get the Blue-winged Teal with their heads in the water.
The pattern of their feathers is so pretty.

I felt like every Canadian Goose in the United States was here.  The park area was covered with them.  Watching them coming in for a landing is so interesting.

Greater-yellow legs

Killdeer were present around the edges of the pond.

Two American Finches were talking up a storm with each other.

This one was enjoying the sun.

House Sparrows are flocking up.

This one tree was full of sparrows.

Better picture of the Blue-winged Teal.

Great Blue Heron seemed to be hiding from the other birds.
There were lots of Mallards along the shore area.

A closer look at the Heron, you could see Mallards resting in the background.
Have a wonderful Fall day.