Friday, September 7, 2012

Feathers and Flowers from New York

Green Heron
A short stocky heron with a blue-green back, rust red neck and chest.  Dark green crest, and short legs, normally yellow. It is said the legs will turn bright orange during the breeding season
Green Heron
He hunts for fish and aquatic insects by waiting along a shore or wades stealthily. Has been known to place an object like an insect on the water surface to attract fish to catch.
We saw this one at the Sinking Ponds, East Aurora, New York.

While traveling some back roads around East Aurora, we encountered an 8 point buck and his harem. This was the first time we had seen any bucks.  On this trip we saw 2.

Here he is with two of his harem.  There were 11 females and fawns. Amazing!

Zinnia and bee


Butterfly Bush

Black-eyed Susan's

Sebastopal Goose
The frizzled and curly white feathers on this unusual looking breed make it appear as though it had walked backwards in a windstorm.Their feathers will grow until they touch the ground.
Sebastopal Goose
They were in a domestic setting at Fly Creek Cider Mill, Fly Creek, New York

Crested White Duck
  1. This duck is of Pekin breeding.  The tuft of feathers on its head is recognized as a point of attraction is selectively bred for.  This breed has not been extensively bred as not all eggs become fertile.  The best specimens of this breed usually run about one pound lighter then the best Pekins.

These ducks were in a domestic setting at the Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek, New York
Wild Sweet Pea
They were still blooming by the road side.  They looked so pretty.

We came across a small field of Sunflowers,

This variety had the dark brown centers

Another variety of Sunflower

All of these specimans were spotted on our trip east this past week.
Have a great day!