Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lake Patterson, 10-29-2013

Female Mallard

Creek at Lake Patterson

Chipmunk,  The squirrels and chipmunks were stocking their nests for winter.  You could hear them running around in the underbrush, then see them running to hide what they had found.

Cedar wax-wing

There are still a lot of robins in the forests.  They seem to be all ages.  Are they leaving, or just staying here for the winter.

Male Cardinal


Osage Orange




Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Northern Shoveler, Lake Patterson

 I decided to stop by Lake Patterson today, and look what I came across, a Northern Shoveler.  This is the first time I have ever seen this bird on our little lake. He is a medium-sized duck with a distinctive long, thick, broad-tipped bill. Bill is slightly longer than head, sloping forehead leads to short, very shallow, rounded crown. Large bill creates front-heavy look.

He was with a flock of mallards. At first I thought it may be a mallard that had mated with something else!

I had not realized I had a lifer, until I got home and started checking.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I made the newspaper!

Today was a fine day. This morning, I saw this beautiful fellow along route 25, just North of Aurora.
Now I have a hawk and am not sure.  I don't think it is a red-tailed, or a coopers.

On a second note, there was a small article published in the Beacon New, Aurora about this blog.
The link is below.

Have a great day, I did!


Monday, October 14, 2013

On the Mississippi in Dubuque, Iowa

On our little trip last week, we were going on a Mississippi River cruise for 4 hours.  I was hoping I would get to see some eagles. I still have not gotten a good picture of one yet.
Did see some American Coot in the harbor area.

We did get the opportunity to see Double-crested Cormorant by the dozens, juveniles to adults.
They were everywhere.

Even got to see them in flight.

We watched as this eagle circled around us, and eventually settled in this tree.
Oh, I hope I get a better shot.  I will take any I can get!

I was hoping that I could see the American White Pelican in migration.  All I got was seagulls!

While sailing back toward the harbor, I did think I saw a white head in the distance.  I did!
This Eagle was feasting on lunch.

I was able to get two pictures of him.  I am so pleased with myself.  These are the best view I have ever gotten.

Back to the Cormorant.  They were setting on branches in several parts of the river.  They are interesting to watch.

The closer we got to them, they looked ready to take flight.

They were drying their wings.

Just chilling.

It was very interesting to watch how they took off. They hop along the water before taking flight.

This one flock took off, and circled around the water and forest before flying out of sight.

With these pictures you can see a lot of the different coloration's.
Here I was thinking I had done good by seeing one or two around the area I live.
It was fun and interesting to see them in flocks.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Great Blue Heron, Big Rock Forest Preserve

Recently, my husband and I went to the Big Rock Forest Preserve, in Big Rock, Illinois.  It is not far from home, and one we had not been to, yet.  Ron had printed out a map of the preserve and we were good to go.
Siegler Lake looks to be an old quarry.  There were several fisherman set up with their poles and coffee, enjoying the gorgeous day.

This heron seemed to be standing or walking  on a ledge near the edge of the lake.

He did not mind being watched and photographed.

At one point he decided to move away.

He got a running start.

Then finally took off.

But did not go far.

He wanted to let the fisherman know he was not liking then taking his fish!

He settled down to watch what was going on.

He still posed for me.

It was great being able to get up close and personal to this Great Blue Heron.
I took a walk around the pond, and enjoyed the scenery. I got in a mile walk. Once again, I was amazed at how many robins were still in the area.  I don't think these birds are wanting to go anywhere.
I think this will be another good place to visit again.